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Data inSight Focus

Omni-channel digital solutions for online e-commerce and retail stores

Industry Analysis

Integrate the industry situation, hot stores, hot baby, hot brands and multi-channels (TM, TB, TM Supermarket, TM International), and output the overall industry analysis and changes through Data inSight

Brand Analysis

Through the integration ability of Data inSight, it provides multiple channels and stores for a single brand, unified standards and unified data index analysis

Store Analysis

Organize and analyze the order data and process data of a store. Provide a comprehensive analysis and view of the store business

Product Analysis

Through the integration ability of Data inSight, the data of product level can be transformed into SKU level. Provides multi-dimensional analysis and view at the SKU level


Over 30 customers are using


Essential tool for e-commerce, real-time monitoring to full dimensional data analysis


Data Operation

With Data inSight, we are no longer confused about running e-commerce, and our exposure increases very fast


Business General Manager

E-commerce data is very complete, data update is fast, it is worth having


Taobao Merchant

The function of Data inSight is very powerful and easy to use. It is essential for data analysis of e-commerce. Data inSight helps us grow


Business Manager

Data inSight helps us to improve the conversion rate visibly, and increase the store and product pageviations


Taobao Merchant

It is very convenient to manage the data, and you can compare the data of other brands to know your own shortcomings



The data can be monitored at any time, and it is also very convenient and clear, which saves me a lot of time


Director of the data

Data visual

Inventory control
Compared with last year
Recent Sales

Data inSight
Data Visualization

AI model is used to activate brand private domain data, identify and reach potential high-value converting groups, and effectively improve the ROI of e-commerce conversion. The ROI of the optimal model group is several times higher than that of the conventional crowd strategy.The research and application of brand private domain data has broken the limitation that only fixed labels can be selected in the e-commerce site, and realized the ability to select more flexibly in the circle and reach high value potential customers in the e-commerce site.